Driveways & Pathways

Driveways & Pathways

From forming up to colour sealing – we’ve got your concreting covered. Whether it’s a driveway, side path or slab you need, we’re optimistic that with our knowledge and concreting experience, you’ll be happy with your beautifully finished concrete that is sealed, reinforced, durable, correctly drained and does not sink, crack or hold water.

Concrete pathways are a practical and modern solution for side access to the backyard, easy to clean and low-maintenance area. Pathways can be a great edging for shallow garden beds – putting plants and soils alongside your path is the perfect way add some colour and bring your hidden space to life, while allowing the area to drain without visible channels.

Whether your driveway is sloped, level, straight-edged or curvy, we will make it a smooth drive into your garage.
We offer multiple finishes to our concrete, including:

  • Stencilled
  • Smooth
  • Exposed concrete
  • Broom finish
  • Cove finish
  • Colour sealed
  • Scratched for tiles
  • and many more…

Our team always installs form work, rio-mesh and concrete chairs prior to pouring driveway or footpath in suitable weather conditions. We adhere to Australian Standards with all our work, so you can rest assured that you will be getting great quality work from Willis Landscapes.

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