Before landscaping can begin, your yard needs to be carefully designed and prepared for all types of hard and soft scaping planned. Without the correct preparation, the final result of your landscaping may be unsafe, unpractical and aesthetically displeasing. Willis Landscapes have been excavating for over a decade and are highly skilled in this field.

Mechanical excavation and earth moving is essential for:

  • Yard levelling
  • Turf preparation
  • Preparing driveways & pathways
  • Digging footings
  • Digging post holes
  • Cutting & filling land
  • Drainage trenches

We have found over the course of our experience, there are many different subgrades. Although conditions vary between sites, we are educated and experienced in all grades of soil, rock, clay, sand and mixed subgrades. Our team understands how to work with the land and create tailored solutions to accommodate your landscape vision, achieving the best groundwork possible, we’ll set your landscaping construction up for success.

Willis Landscapes have dingoes and excavators to suit any sized job, whether it be yard levelling and turf preparation, digging structural support post holes or even earth shaping. Whatever it is you’re after, we are the experienced professionals to get your landscaping journey off on the right foot.

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