Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls

Have you just built your dream home on a block of land you were initially told was level, and later found out you will require retaining walls? Or maybe your old retaining walls are falling over after faulty construction. Whatever this situation, we can help! With Willis Landscapes, installing retaining walls doesn’t have to be dreaded. There are many benefits to employing retaining walls and numerous qualities they can add to your landscape.

Benefits of Willis Landscapes retaining walls:

  • Higher fences mean more privacy for your family
  • Incorporate a feature seat into your wall
  • They increase the structural integrity of your property
  • Raised garden beds are a great feature for your landscape
  • Retain soil from subsiding into your yard
  • They are engineered for your safety
  • You’ll get the level yard you’ve always wanted!

We pride ourselves on doing it right the first time, that’s why we take all measures to make sure your retaining wall is safe for your family and upholds its structural integrity for decades to come. Our team is experienced in a vast range of retaining walls including; concrete masonry blocks, treated pine sleepers, bricks, concrete and natural stone, to name a few. Whether you need your property boundaries, swimming pool or multiple sections in your yard, whatever you need – we’d love to help.

Why we’re confident you’ll be happy with a Willis Landscapes retaining wall:

  • Engineer approved footings & reinforcements
  • Detail-oriented workmanship
  • A-grade materials used
  • Structural core-fill
  • Water proofing
  • Retaining wall specific drainage
  • Backfill & cleaning

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