Excavation & Retaining Walls

Excavation & Retaining Walls

At Willis landscapes we are equipped to handle all aspects of excavation and retaining walls. With 10+ years’ experience in mechanical excavation alone, we can ensure that all measures are taken to ensure earthmoving is a safe, easy and unproblematic stage of your landscaping.

Machine excavation & earth moving is great for:

  • Yard levelling
  • Turf preparation
  • Preparing driveways
  • Digging footings
  • Digging post holes
  • Cutting land
  • Filling land
  • Drainage trenches

With dingoes, excavators and experienced operators on our team, we’re positive that you’ll be happy with the speed and outcome of your excavation process.

In conjunction with excavation, retaining walls are another great way to level your yard. We are experienced in the constructions of various retaining walls, such as; concrete sleepers, interlocking blocks, cladding and treated pine sleepers. If your land is sloping or unlevel, employing retaining walls along the boundary fence-line, will help level your yard and provide you with more privacy from your neighbours. Another option is to divide sections of your yard, creating multiple level areas or raised garden beds.

Retaining walls are both functional and design friendly. We offer various designs of retaining walls and we’re sure that you’ll find one to set the right tone for the space you’ve envisioned.

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